Okuma: Solving Problems Through Partners in THINC

The Okuma Partners in THINC facility offers an insight into the very latest technologies available to support the needs of advanced manufacturing in the North Americas. Hear how more than 50 partner companies, including Autodesk, contribute hardware, software and real world expertise to this unique "sandbox" facility. Partners in THINC allows customers to step away from their daily business pressures and identify technology that can help solve their biggest manufacturing problems. At the same time, Partners in THINC also provides a risk-free platform for manufacturers to experiment with emerging technology that could secure their business needs tomorrow. "Autodesk helps Partners in THINC to provide our customers with real-world solutions to real-world problems" - Wade Anderson, Product Specialist Sales Manager, Okuma America Corporation

Section: Technical Partnerships
Category: Partnerships
Application: PowerMill

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