PowerMill Robot gives you complete robot programming and simulation in a single environment.


Program your robot, including its external axes, as quickly and easily as you would a 5 axis machine tool.

  • Machine complex parts easily – program robots holding spindles for tool-to-part applications.

  • Eliminate lengthy ‘teach and learn’ methods – reduce production time by creating robot NC programs, including toolpath link and tool change simulation.

  • Total flexibility for greater productivity – increase the working area of robots by using external axes, such as linear tracks and rotary tables.


Advanced simulation shows exactly how your robot will behave, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.

  • Save your favorite robot configurations – achieve consistent results every time using PowerMill Robot’s cell configurator.

  • Output directly to a robot’s native language – no need for programming code to go through a third party translator.


Gain complete control over your robot programming with an extensive range of analysis tools, such as graphs showing axis limits, singularities, axis range and reversals.

  • Identify potential problems from the outset – display the robot's working envelope to optimize the part position and view the maximum range of movements required of each axis.

  • Optimize machine performance – advanced point-based graphs display axis limits, wrist singularity and axis reversal to eliminate over‐machining.

  • Error-free machining – save your preferred robot cell configuration, including axis limits, tool constraints and home position.

“PowerMill Robot is very easy to use and it's a no-brainer
- I'd use it any time and it's very good at what it does.”

Andrew Freeman

Artem UK