Autodesk PartMaker

PartMaker® software enables high precision programming for Swiss-type lathes. Machine parts complete with efficient cycle times and achieve high quality finishes—burr free.

Why PartMaker?

PartMaker was developed for Swiss lathes and supports the techniques commonly used by Swiss programmers.
  • Precision programming gives you fine control over your machine and provides clarity during the programming of turning with live tooling.
  • Swiss specific functionality gives you several options to manufacture your parts based on your available tooling and batch size.
  • Quick process synchronization automatically inserts wait and queue codes into your NC programs for an efficient cycle time, with minimal effort.
Expert Knowledge

Autodesk has strong in-house knowledge of programming and implementing software for Swiss lathes through globally established relationships with many machine tool manufacturers. This helps to ensure our post-processors generate accurate NC code for your machines. Due to this focus, many leading users of Swiss-type lathes have chosen to standardize with PartMaker.
Greater flexibility

PartMaker is available as part of FeatureCAM® Ultimate, bringing together technology to deliver our highest level of capabilities for production machining. This single package includes:
  • PartMaker software for high precision programming for Swiss-type lathes.
  • FeatureCAM software for automated CNC programming.
FeatureCAM Ultimate gives you access to the best of both. You can choose between using either PartMaker, FeatureCAM or a combination of the two to suit your needs and preferences.

PartMaker features

  • Swiss machining
    Gain focused Swiss strategies for precision machining. (video: 1:48 min.)
  • Cycle time efficiency
    Help increase productivity by reducing cycle times. (video: 1:31 min.)
  • CNC compatibility and simulation
    Program a wide range of Swiss lathes. (video: 1:25 min.)
  • NC code
    Edit and control your NC code. (video: 1:32 min.)

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Customer stories

Astro Medical creates precision parts with PartMaker

Astro Medical

Highly engineered precision parts for the medical industry.

Marver Med expands production using PartMaker software

Marver Med

Taking on more difficult jobs to differentiate with complexity.

Video: Frontier Technologies creates quality parts more quickly with FeatureCAM 5-axis toolpaths

Smith Brothers Pushrods

Fast turnaround times of high tolerance parts.

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