Design & manufacture better electrodes – faster

Create EDM electrodes on the shop floor as part of your machining process, extracting ready-to-use electrodes directly from 3D CAD models.


  • Extract simple electrodes using a simple wizard
  • Design more complex electrodes from scratch using solids or surfaces
  • Use powerful Direct Modeling tools to remove unwanted features or add taper and clearance
  • Create your own library of electrode blanks
  • Customize detail and GA drawings to your own company standard

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  • Define your own electrode manufacturing routines with powerful, customizable templates and macros
  • Automatically identify burn, extension, and clearance faces to simplify tool and strategy selection
  • Machine multiple electrodes from the same blank to save material
  • Minimize time on the NC machine using high efficiency machining strategies

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  • Inspect electrode geometry and compare it directly with the CAD data
  • Create probing paths automatically for improved repeatability
  • Generate simple reports with a single click
  • Create your own custom reports combining images and text
  • Re-align out of tolerance electrodes automatically

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  • Set your EDM machine automatically using a simple text file, eliminating human error
  • Simplify data management by using a single ‘.TRODE’ file for each project
  • Share key information, such as setup sheets and drawings, electronically saving paper