Autodesk Electrode

Streamline electrode design, manufacture and inspection with a single integrated suite of tools.

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What is Autodesk Electrode?

Autodesk has developed an integrated design, manufacturing and inspection suite for faster, more reliable production of copper or graphite electrodes for EDM. Combining PowerShape® for design, PowerMill® for machining and PowerInspect® for inspection, Autodesk® Electrode helps reduce learning times and support costs, whilst helping you create high quality finished electrodes.

Why choose Autodesk Electrode Solutions?

Help reduce costs

Help improve efficiency by designing, machining and inspecting complex electrodes in a single software suite.
Increase efficiency

Store all your design, machining, inspection, and setting information in a single .TRODE file for simpler data management.
Accelerate design

Design electrodes quickly and more efficiently using powerful surface and solid modeling tools.
Take Control

Create your own user-defined material blanks, custom drawings and reports, to your own company standards.
Automate manufacture

Help improve speed and consistency by creating your own electrode machining routines, using macros and templates.
Simplify inspection

Compare finished electrodes directly against original CAD models, automatically re-aligning them if necessary.
Avoid errors

Set your EDM machine automatically using a simple, fully customizable text file.