Advanced Consulting

What is Advanced Consulting?

Advanced Consulting provides a unique service to harnesses technologies focused on additive, subtractive, robotics, fabrication and composites, creating valued-added and bespoke design and manufacturing solutions for our customers.

We provide an end-to-end solution from concept, design, simulation, optimization, verification through to manufacturing and inspection; including:

Consulting services for:

  • Additive, Subtractive, CNC, Fabrication and Composites Manufacturing
  • Generative Design, Topology optimization
  • Adaptive Manufacturing Technology
  • Factory Automation & Integration
What is Advanced Consulting?

Subtractive and Robotics

  • Advanced Manufacturing Consultation – Helping our customers to design the factory of the future.

  • Custom Software – Integrating our customers manufacturing business to create one consolidated workflow

  • Manufacturing optimisation – Reducing manufacturing lead times and increasing the capability of machine tools and automated systems.

  • Adaptive technology – enabling our customers to mass produce unique parts (mass customisation)

  • Robotics Programming enabling customers to simulate and re programme to improve workflows

  • Creation of physical prototypes and limited production services worldwide.
Subtractive and Robotics


  • Design: Generative Design and Lattice/Cellular Structures.

  • Simulation: FEA, CFD, Thermal, Injection Moulding, Multi-Physics.

  • Optimisation: Topology Optimisation and Skin/Lattice Optimisation.

  • Manufacturing: AM Build Preparation and Build Simulation.

  • Applications: Light-Weighing, Heat Exchangers, Multi-Functional Parts, Medical Implants, Footwear Design, Tooling Design, Impact-Resistant Structures.

  • Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Manufacturing and Consumer Products.