Within Conformal Cooling

Conformal cooling molds has become one of the injection industry’s most popular mold manufacture techniques due to it’s ability to reduce cycle-times and warpage, unlike traditional mold-cooling methods. However, the production of conformal cooling molds requires 3D printing using techniques such as DMLS, which is challenging for even the most simple mold designs.

Autodesk® Advanced Consulting can help produce better quality molds, by reducing the number of iterations in 3D printing, resulting in lowered production costs.

Within Conformal Cooling
Within Conformal Cooling

The below example shows how Advanced Consulting can help with mold design for the main housing of a blender:

  1. Injection molding simulations are produced in the conformal cooling tool design using Autodesk Moldflow®, creating a temperature map of the injection channels in the blender.
  2. These simulations are then imported into Autodesk CFD to determine the thermal cooling baseline.
  3. Once this is complete, skins around the cooling channel pipes are designed and lattices are inserted using Autodesk Within, creating a conduction medium to support the cooling channels.
  4. The blender design is then optimized for variable internal pressures and a final thermal assessment is done to verify the reduction in temperatures.

The overall benefits include:

  • 45% weight reduction
  • 10% reduction in cycle time
  • Reduced number of iterations in 3D printing
  • Reduced cost of 3D printing
  • Reduced warpage